Down by the Water

The on-going acupuncture intervention is designed as cooperation between the young and the selected experts, who will help them in building and selecting materials. The project is designed to use recycled waste material. The project, reusing materials, thus stimulates a larger sense of responsibility to the environment. It turns from a consumer society to a society that has a higher awareness of the spatial, ethical and ecological aspects of our environment. The experience and knowledge from the project and the reflection on the city’s workings and possibilities will be published in a textbook available to educational institutions and general public.

KUD C3 (Boštjan Bugarič / Tamara Rijavec / Tina Cotič / Luka Bogovčič / Domen Grögl / Ognjen Radivojević / Milica Tasić / Ružica Jovanović / Katarina Žakelj / Milan Dinevski) in collaboration with STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić / Marc Neelen) ČMC ZALOG – Youth centre (Marko Talijan / Erika Dolenc / youngsters from Zalog).


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