Station 220

January-April 2017
Ljubljana, Zalog
Tina Cotič, Boštjan Bugarič
and the students of the Faculty of architecture University of Ljubljana
in collaboration with the Četrtni mladinski center Zalog.

Station 220

After CULBURB project collaboration (2010-13) we started a new collaboration with the Youth Centre in Zalog, which was forced to move due to the construction of the new shopping mall in 2015.

KUD C3 creates a Station 220, an outdoor meeting space, place for networking and communication for different social groups within the local community. In the two-month workshop with the students from Faculty of Architecture Ljubljana we defined and created a plan for the new collective space. Solutions for arranging the new meeting place with minimal resources and re-use of materials were created together with youth from the centre.

Station 220 is designed for different age groups with the participation method of implementation of all the phases of the project. The process of community recuperation has never only positive results but consist as well from the mistakes, which needs to be used as learning method what should be changed in the communication process.

The end of the project will be presented in the booklet manual, presented as a case study of community recuperation in different contexts.

Workshop with the students: group Postaja 220

Investor Urbanism in Zalog
Photo: Domen Grögl


Photo: Domen Grögl

Photo: Tina Cotič