+MSUM, Masarykova ulica 24, Ljubljana

20.junij 2013

Boštjan Bugarič
Tina Cotič
Domen Grögl
Nina Mršnik

On 20th June, 2013 C3 will present its activities in Zalog on 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia U3 entitled Resilience. Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, the curator of the triennial that “resilience is more than just the ability to adapt, promoted by the concept of the flexible subject over the past two decades, which was adopted by corporate capitalism and triggered the precarious mass movement of laborers. Resilience encompasses exploring reciprocal dependence and finding one’s political and socio-ecological place in a world that is out of balance and creates increasingly disadvantageous living conditions. Rather than trying to find global solutions for some indefinite future or projecting a possible perfect balance, resilient thinking focuses on the diversity of practical solutions for the here and now, and on the cooperation and creativity of everyone involved in a community or society.

Soundtrack with statements about Zalog and peripheral districts is also a part of the installation at MSUM:

For the whole programme of performative projects and public debates please see the schedule.